Chiesetta della Misericordia

Campo dell'Abbazia – Venice

Chiesetta della Misericordia is a bulding of the 10th century located in Cannaregio. It’s the only one of this typology in Venice suitable for events and exhibitions.

Presentation leaflet


Chiesetta della Misericordia is an edifice founded in the 10th century, located in Cannaregio and facing the elegant Campo de l’Abazia, a typical venetian campiello with a central well. The church, initially dedicated to Santa Maria di Val Verde, was tied to the Confraternity of Misericordia, who built several infrastructures (adjacent to the church) like the majestic "Scuola Grande" and "“The Abbey" with its cloister and green areas.

Chiesetta della Misericordia, restored at the beginning of the 19th century, was deprived of its internal works in 1969 and closed, losing definitely its religious use, in 1969. Despite this, its precious religious architecture - altars with frescoes and decorations, a wooden walkway - is still conserved inside.

The Space

Nowadays, the former church is the only edifice of this typology in Venice suitable for events and exhibitions, completely renovated and fully equipped: wide storage area, catering area, heating, in-house lighting, restrooms, green-room, small private garden.


Located in the extreme Northern part of the city, the space benefits of a privileged direct access with boats thanks to a private pontoon.

Suitable for:

# dinner
# seminar, conference
# performance
# temporary exhibition

Capacity: 101 - 200 people

accessible for disabled people