The cultural heritage of a territory has not only an undebiable historical value but is also an important economic resource for all people involved in this territory:

  • Heritage property owners, whether private or public, have to conduct enhancement operations within it to ensure its conservation and safeguarding;
  • Companies, by supporting development projects, can take the opportunity to open up to inspiring and creative ideas;
  • Local authorities will be able, through the promotion of heritage, to improve significantly the quality of life in their territory by promoting attendance and boosting employment.

Our mission is to meet the expectations of these different stakeholders by providing them with the means and skills needed for successful heritage enhancement projects.

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To ensure a comprehensive and responsible management of cultural heritage, Valorizzazioni Culturali specialized in different areas:

  • rehabilitation and development of architecturally significant historical sites through a combination of restructuring, facility management and financial operations in order to reposition them on the market and allow access to new resources essential to their protection;
  • planning and organization of cultural activities in historical sites — production of temporary exhibitions, live performances and educational projects — to develop their awareness and their attendance;
  • hosting and management of private of corporate events within historical sites to restore their dynamism and vitality in the tourist and cultural network;
  • communication and promotion of all enhancement actions operated in order to promote positive externalities.