Partnership with Italylab for international artistic workshops


With the partner Italylab, Valorizzazioni Culturali promotes and organizes international exchanges between artists inside historical venues and italian cultural heritage.

The Traveling Through Watercolor workshop has been a two week session of exploration of the regions of Stabia and Naples through the art of watercolor painting. All of the participants in the workshop are experiencing the sights, culture and history of this area for the first time and responding through images painted on site and in studio in the Vesuvian Institute in Castellammare di Stabia. Organized by ItalyLab, guided by illustrator Jun-Pierre Shiozawa ART, the workshop also featured closely guided excursions and expert lectures that further enriched the entire experience. At the end of the two weeks each participant will have a collection of works that capture their experience in such a beautiful, historical place – Palazzo Venezia – something that will always be a part of them.