Valorizzazioni Culturali in Palermo for Manifesta 12


Valorizzazioni Culturali for Manifesta 12, the nomadic European Contemporary Art Biennial which animates Palermo from June 2018, makes Palazzo Scavuzzo Trigona open to the public through the exhibition project “Nature is Viral – Lost Paradise”.

Palazzo Scavuzzo Trigona is a Renaissance palace in Palermo located in Piazza Rivoluzione, in the Kalsa district. The building, built in the sixteenth century, is characterized by a typical architecture of the previous century. Its façade has been recently restored while inside it is composed, on the first floor, of large rooms adapted to host works of arts and installations.

The artists, through painting, photography, installations and sculptures, represent a profound encounter with different cultures and a possible interweaving of art and nature.

The exhibition, inaugurated on June 16th, will be open until November 4th 2018.